Shooting for fun with Kayah

Sometimes it’s nice not to have to worry about the financial pressures of photography and just shoot for fun. That was the plan made by myself and good buddy Rick Bradbury, as we made arrangements to spend a day in Delamere Forest with a new (to us) model by the name of Kayah. An early start from Stockport made sure that we arrived early enough to take full advantage of a lovely day. We met Kayah at a local train station and after a few minutes getting acquainted and discussing shoot plans, it was like we were all old mates!

Our first couple of shooting setups took place in the ferns beneath the forest canopy which, as it turned out, turned out to be a favourite haunt of sabre-toothed midge bugs! They set upon us as if they hadn’t eaten for days but I have to say that Kayah was an absolute trooper and coped with the wee-beasties superbly. It was also provided a chance for me to experiment with Rick’s Pixapro Hybrid 360 bare bulb flash which gives off bags of power to let me play with HSS for a few shots.

Kayah was surprisingly agile in high heels on the forest tracks and she was more than happy to take direction as well as free-posing. Continual conversation throughout the day made us all easy-going. We eventually found the lake where the great skies and open vistas provided some fantastic shooting opportunities to take advantage of the natural reflections of the water. The day ended with ice creams and new friendships made. Shooting for fun meant I could ‘play around’ with colour toning and contrast to mix up vintage, contemporary and ethereal styles to the images. All-in-all a great day and I can’t wait to do it again!

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