Cheadle House Wedding Photography by Stuart McLernon

Wedding – Abbie and Wayne at Cheadle House

From Steampunk to Steaming Drunk – A perfect mix for a wonderful wedding! Abbie and Wayne are a match made in heaven and they put their own spin on their day by having a Steampunk theme for which most of the guests embraced. Gone were the usual swathes of sober suits and fitted gowns, replaced with…

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Chadderton Town Hall Wedding Photography by Stuart McLernon

Wedding – Mark and Dawn at Chadderton Town Hall

I’ve known Mark for over 10 years and I was delighted when I was asked to photograph his wedding to Dawn at Chadderton Town Hall earlier in June this year. Both the bride and groom have been married before so I expected them to be reasonably relaxed about being photographed. Although excited, Dawn was feeling…

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Wedding – Arthur and Jan at Belle Epoque Knutsford

The weekend of 11th July 2015 brought me to Knutsford in Cheshire to photograph the wedding of Arthur and Jan. The venue was a charming restaurant called the Belle Epoque, perfect in size to host this intimate occasion. The food was beautiful and the staff were extremely accommodating. The only fly in the otherwise beautiful…

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Preparing for Meadowhall

I’m getting ready for tomorrow’s 40 mile jaunt across the Peak District to Sheffield’s Meadowhall shopping Centre for Infiniti Cars. First and foremost: check the equipment! Batteries for camera and flashgun charged, memory cards formatted, spares for each, clean lenses, check camera settings such as white balance and ISO. Why? My last shoot was in a…

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